August 26–27, 2023

About Innocence



About Innocence

Photo courtesy of the artist


“What does my inner self look like?”

“Are you curious about what secrets I’ve hidden inside my self-portrait?”

The relationship between children and their environment—

The world we live in has given the youth a pandemic to survive through; how do they respond?

In these self-portraits, the children hide their favourite things and symbols for viewers to find, just like a game. In the creative process, they are able to explore their own identities, reflect on their personalities and inner self, express the joys of their every day. The self-portraits link together visual arts, story, and learning experiences. This not only plays an important role in personal growth but also allows the youth to better understand and respect each other’s differences, creating a healthy interactive relationship with the society they live in.

About Ziqiang Elementary Students

Through collaboration with community and enterprises, Ziqiang Elementary School provides a diverse range of education, with a focus on ecology and art.

The school built a worm garden on campus, allowing students to observe the symbiotic relationship between earthworms and plants. School staff often communicate with other educators and organisations for ecology-based exchanges. The school also works with enterprises, such as building an undercover court to allow the children to play even during rainy weather. The roof of the undercover court is solar-powered and can store energy on sunny days, reflecting the values of green energy.

Dates & Times

August 26
12pm – 7pm

August 27
12pm – 6pm


North Orchard

235 Queens Quay West
Toronto, ON