Spirit Emulsion

Directed by, written by, and produced by Siku Allooloo of Inuit/Taíno / Northwest Territories

Co-produced by Jessica Hallenbeck  

Year: 2022 | Length: 7 min 

Presented in English and Hiwatahia with English subtitles

A new experimental film from award-winning filmmaker, interdisciplinary artist, writer and decolonial advocate Siku Allooloo explores women’s connection to the spirit world and Taíno culture. Spirit Emulsion is centred on the life of Allooloo’s mother, Marie-Hélène Laraque, an activist and Taíno Indigenous woman who co-founded one of the first bilingual Indigenous newspaper in North America. She died when Allooloo was a teenager. Shot on Super Eight film, and developed with plant medicines, the film was designed to find connection to the earth and the cosmos, portraying family love and ancestral sovereignty.