Co-Directors/Writers: Queen Kukoyi, Nico Taylor, Kahstoserakwathe Paulette Moore 
Produced by BSAM Canada

Rahyne (2021) is a short-animated film done in the style of a motion comic. It follows a young Afro-Indigenous (Bajan and Mohawk), non-binary youth who turns to the water to guide them through the turmoil highlighted by the pandemic, political unrest and trauma experienced by Black and Indigenous peoples. The film delves into Indigenous and African/Caribbean folktales surrounding water that conceives it as a spirit, a guardian, a lifeforce and a holder of memories and history, among many other things. This film was created by BSAM Canada in partnership with filmmaker Kahstoserakwathe Paulette Moore for Earthseeds: Space of the Living, the inaugural Toronto Waterfront Artist Residency. It was developed with the support of the Waterfront Toronto, Waterfront BIA and Harbourfront Centre.