Alexander Ekman turns the historic Palais Garnier into a vast playground where every object is a plaything. Playing makes us happy, and Ekman believes we should always keep that childlike urge to jump into action and let our imaginations run free. Play combines dance, theatre, music and song into a high-energy spectacle that explores play through the various stages of life.

The dancers even dive into the orchestra pit filled with 40,000 plastic balls and transform into forest creatures that frolic with ropes and large white boxes. Festive and mischievous, the work draws viewers into a whirlwind of inventions while asking profound questions about the world. What happens to our games when we grow up? How do we rediscover that desire to play?  

Harbourfront Centre presents Digidance with the intention of providing world-class dance performances to those who might still not be able to take part in the things they love out in the world.

This Digidance stream is an initiative of DanceHouse (Vancouver), Danse Danse (Montreal), Harbourfront Centre (Toronto) and the National Arts Centre (Ottawa).