Jennifer MacDonald

Jennifer MacDonald is a recent graduate of the Sheridan College Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design. Her textile practice embraces surface design, printing, dye processes and sewing. Recently she has begun to study the ancient craft of felting. Wool felt provides a material perspective for the simple, pared-down shapes and colour play that generally inform […]

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Natalie King

Natalie King is a queer interdisciplinary Anishinaabe artist, facilitator and member of Timiskaming First Nation. King’s arts practice ranges from video, painting, sculpture and installation as well as community engagement, curation and arts administration. King is currently a Programming Coordinator at Xpace Cultural Centre in Tkaronto. Often involving portrayals of queer femmes, King’s works are […]

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glass honeypot

Reid Ferguson

Reid Ferguson is an emerging craftsperson based in Toronto. A graduate of the Sheridan College Craft and Design program, Reid works primarily in glass and concrete. His work is heavily influenced by graffiti and the everchanging urban landscape. Placing emphasis on texture and contrast, Reid depicts the constant struggle between natural and human forces.

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person looking at art on the wall

Ji Huang

Ji Huang is an international glass artist whose work explores the changing dynamic between craft and culture through material experimentation. Ji’s work employs master techniques while reinventing traditional craft through cultural amalgamation. Ji was intrigued by a Chinese lacquer technique called Xi Pi, and became captivated by the idea of generations of craftspeople accumulating technical […]

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Shannon Weston

Shannon Weston is a graduate of Sheridan College’s Crafts and Design program majoring in Ceramics. She creates stylized figurative ceramic sculptures that are adorned with tactile designs inspired by African scarification. Shannon is fascinated by body art and modification. Her work is based on ideas of self-discovery through cultural practice. Throughout her work, Shannon focuses […]

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Abstract ceramic sculpture

Erin Berry

Erin Berry’s work uses ceramics to explore human pathology through examination and experimentation, both of which produce unpredictable or unplanned outcomes. She is particularly interested in the undesirable or altogether unwanted as a locus of intrigue and imagination. Erin is currently using digital, manual and material processes in ceramics to examine and expand on the […]

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