Nestled along the beautiful shoreline of Lake Ontario, Harbourfront Centre’s rink is one of Toronto’s most scenic spaces. Its stunning and unique location is for visitors and tourists alike to enjoy our upcoming skating programs.

Provided by Synerglace Canada, our new skating rink will be at our Concert Stage with an ice loop at Harboufront’s South Orchard. We are proud to offer real ice skating again this winter season.

Hours of Operation

Our rink is now officially closed for the season. Thank you to all of our skating enthusiasts who joined us on the ice this year. We love our community and can’t wait to welcome you back on our waterfront rink next winter!

people skating on ice

Skate and Helmet Rentals

Don’t have skates? Can’t find your lucky helmet? No need to fret – we offer affordable rentals!

Youth under 17$5$8$9

Please Note:

  1. A government issued form of ID is needed for all rentals
  2. We will not be accepting cash this season. All transactions must be done with accepted debit or credit cards.
  3. Group discounts are available at $1 off for groups of 12+ people. Please speak to a rental attendant for more info. All group members need to be present for the discount to apply.

Skate Sharpening

Skate sharpening services are available for $10 per pair of skates. The average time for sharpening is 15 minutes.


Due to Ontario Public Health guidelines, lockers will not be available. Please keep an eye on personal belongings while on the rink. Harbourfront Centre is not liable for lost or stolen items.

COVID-19 Response

Under the guidance of the Ontario Government’s Stage Two of pandemic protocols, Harbourfront Centre’s skating rink will remain open with a 50% capacity limit (200 people maximum.) While on the ice, masks are strictly mandatory and must be worn at all times.  

For more information on our COVID-19 policies, please visit our Health and Safety page


The Harbourfront Centre Rink recognizes and accepts the Access 2 Entertainment Card. Complimentary skate rentals are offered to assistance companions.

Use of assistive devices (with the exclusion of sticks of any form) will be permitted dependent on time of day and busyness of the rink. It is recommended that patrons check with rink staff before use of any assistive devices so that staff can monitor and assist where possible.

Wheelchair accessibility can be accommodated with advance notice and booking by phone at (416) 954-9866 or via email at Please note that only non-motorized wheelchairs are permitted on the ice.

Support persons will be allowed on the ice as long as they are wearing skates.

Service animals are not permitted on the ice for the safety of the animal and other patrons using the rink.

Rink Rules

All visitors to the rink are asked to abide by the following rules of conduct:

  1. Always obey the rink guards. Leave the ice surface or any other rink area when asked to do so by staff.
  2. Skate in a counter-clockwise direction.
  3. Must wear skates while on the ice.
  4. Report all accidents, injuries, misconduct and foul-language to staff immediately.
  5. It is highly recommended that all skaters wear a CSA-approved helmet while on the ice.
  6. Children age 10 and under must be actively supervised by a responsible person aged 16 or older.
  7. Any person not complying with the rink rules will be asked to leave, and may be banned from the ice.

All visitors to and users of the Harbourfront Centre rink acknowledge, accept and agree to the following rules of conduct which includes a disclaimer of liability. Participants using the rink do so at their own risk and voluntarily assume all risk associated with such use, which may include, without limitation, damage and/or loss of personal property and personal injury. Harbourfront Centre assumes no responsibility for related risks, losses or injuries and shall not be liable for any claims of loss or injury arising from a participant’s use of the rink.

Prohibited Activities

The following behaviour is not permitted and could result in immediate removal from the rink:

  1. Accessing rink outside of approved operating times, specifically between 11pm and 9am.
  2. No food or drinks allowed on the ice.
  3. No smoking or loitering on the ice.
  4. No hockey sticks or any other sticks on the ice.
  5. No skating when deemed unsuitable by the rink staff.
  6. No sleds, toboggans, strollers, skating aids or chairs allowed on the ice.
  7. No racing, tag, crack-the-whip, obstruction of skaters, profane language or abusive behaviour permitted on the ice.
  8. No one is allowed on the ice while the resurfacing machine is in operation.


The Harbourfront Centre Rink is an outdoor rink and is subject to several environmental factors.

Weather conditions change throughout the day. In extreme cases, closure of the rink may occur.

Call (416)954-9866 for rink updates.

The rink is subject to closure due to the following conditions:

  • Heavy precipitation (rain, snow, hail);
  • Extreme wind;
  • Lightning;
  • Extreme cold: If the air temperature is -15°C or below or if the temperature with wind chill is -25°C or below;
  • Warm temperatures leading to a deterioration in ice conditions;
  • Unforeseen circumstances.