We provide many options to safely get your children to and from our camps.

We have improved the pick-up process and revised our end-of-day procedures. We will begin to sign out campers to parents and guardians between 3:30pm and 3:45pm, as soon as all campers have arrived at their right end-of-day location. We will continue to offer quality programming to our campers who stay with us until they are picked up. 

Parking Onsite

Complimentary 20-minute parking is available on-site during drop-off time (7:15–9:15am) and pick-up time (3:30–6pm) during the camp session. Detailed parking instructions will be provided prior to the start of camp. 

The entrance to our parking facility is located at 235 Queens Quay West, at the bottom of Lower Simcoe Street. Please proceed directly into the underground parking facility (vehicle height restriction 78”) and do not stop in the laneway. Additional paid parking is available at our Rees Street lot located on the northwest corner of Rees Street and Queens Quay West (318 Queens Quay West). 

Please note: Vehicles travelling east along Queen’s Quay cannot turn right onto our campus. 

Camper Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Camper Drop-Off opens at 8:30am and will remain open until 9:15am. Camper Pick-Up opens by 3:45pm and will close at 4:30pm. Basic programming and free time will be offered while the campers wait during this time. Campers who are picked up late and are not registered for Extended Program will be charged $20 for a late pick-up. 

Extended Program  

If you require supervision of your camper outside the usual Camper Drop-Off and Pick-Up times, please sign up for our Extended Program. This program is offered from 7:309:15am and at the end of the day from 3:456pm. Children will have the option to participate in various arts and crafts activities and both quiet and active games during this time.  

It is the responsibility of the families to ensure that campers are picked up on time. Campers who are picked up after 6pm will be charged a $1/minute fee. 

Pre-registration is mandatory and space is limited.  

Extended Program Fees: 

Two Week Camps with a holiday (Session 3): $140 
Two Week Camps (Sessions 1, 2, 4): $150 
One Week Camps with a holiday (Session 3A): $65 
One Week Camps (Sessions 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3B, 4A, 4B, 5A): $75 

Independent Travel

This option is for campers whose parents and/or guardians have authorized them to travel to and from camp by themselves. Independent travellers must sign in between 8:309:15am and they will be released at the end of the day by 3:45pm. This option is open to campers age ten and older or under age ten if accompanied by a sibling 12 or older.   


We provide a bus service from designated locations throughout Toronto. Camp buses are supervised by Bus Marshals, who, along with Counsellors, will ensure the safety and well-being of our campers. Busing is on a first-come, first-served basis, so please register early to secure a seat.  

Pre-registration is mandatory and space is limited. 

Busing Fees (+ HST): 

Two Week Camps with a holiday (Session 3) $140 + HST 
Two Week Camps (Sessions 1, 2, 4) $150 + HST 
One Week Camps with a holiday (Sessions 3A) $65 + HST 
One Week Camps (Sessions 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3B, 4A, 4B, 5A) $75 + HST 
Camps Busing Map 2022 image

Bus Routes 

We provide bus service from 41 stops throughout Toronto. Please note the Bus Number (112) when choosing a stop. 

Please Note: For daily route updates, call our Busing Hotline at 416-973-1620 

BUS 1 StopSchoolAddressAMPM
1St. George’s P.S.70 Princess Anne Cres.8:004:50
2Islington P.S.44 Cordova Ave.8:104:40
3Lambton-Kingsway P.S.525 Prince Edward Dr. N.8:204:30
4Sunnylea P.S.35 Glenroy Ave.8:304:20
BUS 2 StopSchoolAddressAMPM
5Swansea P.S.207 Windermere Ave.8:054:55
6Runnymede P.S.357 Runnymede Rd.8:154:45
7Howard P.S.30 Marmaduke St.8:354:25
BUS 3 StopSchoolAddressAMPM
8Charles E Webster P.S.1900 Keele St.8:104:50
9Regal Road P.S.95 Regal Rd.8:254:35
10Old Orchard P.S.380 Ossington Ave.8:354:25
BUS 4 StopSchoolAddressAMPM
11Cedarvale P.S.145 Ava Rd.8:054:45
12Humewood P.S.15 Cherrywood Ave.8:154:35
13Palmerston P.S.734 Palmerston Ave.8:254:25
14Kensington P.S.401 College St.8:354:15
BUS 5 StopSchoolAddressAMPM
15Glen Park P.S.100 Dalemount Ave.8:104:45
16Hillcrest C.S.44 Hilton Ave.8:254:30
17Huron P.S.541 Huron St.8:354:20
BUS 6 StopSchoolAddressAMPM
18Ledbury Park P.S.95 Falkirk St.8:054:45
19Allenby P.S.391 St. Clements Ave.8:154:35
20Brown P.S.454 Avenue Rd.8:254:25
BUS 7 StopSchoolAddressAMPM
21Armour Heights P.S.148 Wilson Ave.8:004:55
22John Wanless P.S.245 Fairlawn Ave.8:104:45
23John Ross Robertson P.S.130 Glengrove Ave. W.8:204:35
BUS 8 StopSchoolAddressAMPM
24Owen P.S.111 Owen Blvd.8:005:05
25Bedford Park P.S.81 Ranleigh Ave.8:154:50
26John Fisher P.S.40 Erskine Ave.8:254:30
27Davisville P.S.43 Millwood Rd.8:354:20
BUS 9 StopSchoolAddressAMPM
28Northlea P.S.305 Rumsey Rd.8:004:55
29Bessborough Drive P.S.211 Bessborough Dr.8:104:45
30Maurice Cody P.S.364 Belsize Dr.8:204:35
31Whitney P.S.119 Rosedale Heights Dr.8:304:25
BUS 10 StopSchoolAddressAMPM
32Thorncliffe Park P.S.80 Thorncliffe Park Dr.8:054:45
33Jackman Avenue P.S.79 Jackman Ave.8:204:30
34Earl Grey P.S.100 Strathcona Ave.8:304:20
BUS 11 StopSchoolAddressAMPM
35Holy Name C.S.690 Carlaw Ave.8:154:40
36Withrow Avenue P.S.25 Bain Ave.8:254:30
37Sprucecourt P.S70 Spruce St.8:354:20
BUS 12 StopSchoolAddressAMPM
38Earl Haig P.S.15 Earl Haig Ave.8:104:45
39Norway P.S.55 Corley Ave.8:204:35
40Williamson Road P.S.24 Williamson Rd.8:304:25
41Kew Beach P.S.101 Kippendavie Ave.8:404:15

Please note: Bus times and locations may vary due to unforeseen circumstances like traffic or construction. 

Bus Service Cancellation Policy 

Bus service cancellation requests must be made in writing via email at least 10 business days before the start date of your child’s camp session. There are no refunds for busing cancelled within 10 days of the start of the camp session. Harbourfront Centre Camps reserves the right to cancel bus service due to insufficient registrations and modify routes, if necessary.