August 27, 2023

Ghostly Tales From Taiwan 



Unveiling Women

Photo courtesy of the artist


Many Minnan women in Taiwanese society traditionally followed the path of marriage and relocation. From the perspective of folklore theory, unmarried women, after their passing, are considered taboo subjects, as they have not acquired social status and are seen as potentially threatening, requiring proper handling. Numerous legends of female ghosts echo this same viewpoint, suggesting that traditional women, constrained by patriarchal systems, can only find solace and resolution for their grievances in the afterlife. By deconstructing the framework of traditional patriarchy through literature and folklore studies, Professor Shu-Chun Yu will analyze the significance of contemporary social reflection based on observations of female ghost legends and the development of beliefs. 

About Shu-Chun Yu

Professor Shu-Chun Yu, who serves as an adjunct assistant professor at National Taichung University of Education, holds a Ph.D. in Chinese Literature Studies from the Chinese Culture University. Her research focuses on the cultural changes and gender differences manifested in Taiwanese colloquial expressions, with an expanded interest in gender phenomena within the realm of folk religion.

Dates & Times

August 27
4:30pm – 6pm


The Lookout

235 Queens Quay West
Toronto, ON