August 26–27, 2023

Migration & Arts



The Migration and Arts

Photo courtesy of the artist


Migration and Arts is an exhibition featuring eight craft artists from Taiwan and master craft workshops with matching local artists to understand how migration also evolves art forms as the relationship with nature changes with the movement of people. This program aims to stimulate discussion on the fluidity of culture, while also showing the inherent social design values or social aesthetics including eco-craft, art therapy, and community building behind the craftworks.

Co-presented by National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute.

About National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute (NTCRI)

The National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute (NTCRI) works to promote crafts and nurture craft workers. In recent years, they have focused on introducing Taiwan’s crafts to the world. Toward this goal, they have been working to create legal frameworks, train skilled individuals, encourage regional cooperation and develop new markets. NTCRI is grateful that traditional handicrafts have now found their place in this knowledge-based economy. A 21 century renaissance for Taiwanese crafts is at hand!

Dates & Times

August 26
12pm – 7pm

August 27
12pm – 6pm


Brigantine Room

235 Queens Quay West
Toronto, ON
M5J 2G8