August 26, 2023

The Hidden Transcript Of Academician TS’AO 



The Hidden Transcript of Academician TSAO

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“History is a structure, state of affairs and events formed by the interaction and interweaving of ‘people, time and space.’” Teacher Ts’ao Yung-ho recorded history with very few words on memo pads, laying an important foundation of the early history of Taiwan. This year, the theme of TAIWANfest is SELF-PORTRAITS OF FORMOSA – Reminiscing the Dutch? By self-studying ancient Dutch and reading “De Dagregisters van het Kasteel Zeelandia” and other materials, Teacher Ts’ao narrates the history of Taiwan from a spatialized perspective, viewing Taiwan as a fundamental unit of globalization and highlighting Taiwan’s unique role in the world. After the film, Shu-ming Chung will share her teacher-student relationship with Teacher Ts’ao Yung-ho and the influence of Teacher Ts’ao on the mission of writing the historical and global view of Taiwan.

About Lih-kuei Chen

Chen Lih-kuei is a documentary director born in Kaohsiung. She worked as a newspaper reporter in Houston and Chicago in the U.S. before returning to Taiwan in 1989 and has been filming documentaries since then. In addition to addressing environmental protection and political issues, she was one of the first documentary directors to focus on women’s issues. These include a movie called Taiwan’s First Female Physician Chhoà A-sìn in 1999 which tells the story of a female role model. Chen Lih-kuei believes that “the status of women is an important indicator of whether a country is democratic!” 

The Hidden Transcript of Academician TS’AO is the final chapter of the “Taiwanese Trilogy” she filmed. 

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August 26
7pm – 9pm


Studio Theatre

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Toronto, ON

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