Sat, July 22 Sun, July 23

The Art Of Improvisation

Contemporary Iranian Dance and Music


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Sat, July 22 Sun, July 23

The Art Of Improvisation

Contemporary Iranian Dance and Music


The art of improvisation

Photo courtesy of the artist


Shahrokh Moshkin-Ghalam, Pejman Hadadi, Behfar Bahadoran and Shabnam Tolouei, will take the stage to explore the ecstatic art of improvised music, Dance and theatrical recitation of Persian poetry. Acclaimed a s one of the world’s greatest dancers, Shahrokh’s revolutionary style will embody Pejman’s masterful percussive expressions and Behfar’s passionate motifs –based on the Persian classical Dastgah and Magam melodic phrasings—on Tar, Setar and Tanbour.  Internationally acclaimed actress, Shabnam Tolouei, will theatrically recite and give voice to the Poems of several Iranian and middle eastern female poets to prepare the mood of this performance. 

The audience will be enthralled by this glorious celebration of Persian performing arts.

About Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam

Born in Iran, Shahrokh is an Iranian modern dancer trained and raised in Paris

Graduated in History of Art and Theatre from the University of Paris

Critically acclaimed choreographer, dancer, director, and actor

For six years he appeared under the direction of Ariane Mnouchkine with the THEATRE DU SOLEIL

Had major parts in plays such as Tartuffe of Molière 

Founder and artistic director of Nakissa Art Company

Trained in various styles of dance in Paris, Shahrokh draws inspiration from diverse eastern and western traditions to create a unique style of dance. 

Persian, Indian, Flamenco and Sufi influences blended with contemporary training in both dance and theatre are his signature style. He has influenced and changed the nature of Persian dance today

Performed “Seven Princesses” Ballet based on the works of the great Persian poet Nezami in 2002 at the Royal Opera House of Covent Garden. He has created theatrical plays and ballets inspired by great Persian classical thinkers and poets such as Omar Khayyam, Nizami,  Ferdowsi, Iraj Mirza (Zohrehand Manouchehr/Arefnameh)

Shahrokh regularly performs in prestigious venues including Carnegie Hall. New York; Queen Elizabeth Hall, London; Royce Hall, Los Angeles; Palace of fine arts in San Francisco

As an official member of La Comédie Française (The House of Moliere) from 2005to 2012, Shahrokh has had major roles in several different plays with world renowned stage directors.

Photo courtesy of the artist

Dates & Times

July 22
2pm – 3:30pm 

July 23
5pm – 6:30pm 


Fleck Dance Theatre in Queen's Quay Terminal

207 Queens Quay West, 3rd Floor
Follow signs and take escalator or elevator

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