January 19 – April 28, 2024

Stephen Tayo



Acclaimed photographer Stephen Tayo presents two photography series in Toronto for the first time in Headstart made in Accra and Which Lagos You Dey?

Stephen Tayo

Lagos in December 2019, Photo by Stephen Tayo


Presenting in Toronto for the first time, Nigerian-based fashion and documentary photographer Stephen Tayo exhibits work from his two recent photographic series, Headstart made in Accra and Which Lagos You Dey?. 

Tayo, who has shot for The New York TimesVICE and Vogue, has been acclaimed internationally for capturing Nigeria’s unconventional and unique street style culture and other cities in West Africa. Recently, the Lagos-based photographer has gained further recognition for his intimate portraits, further exploring fashion’s symbolism and its impact on identity and community. Tayo will invite viewers into his beloved home city of Lagos through the imagery of avatars and anonymous figures draped in found objects, representing certain rituals that have become synonymous with the city. 

Presented by TD Bank Group through the TD Ready Commitment.

About Stephen Tayo

With his work, through fashion, art and culture, photographer Stephen Tayo strives to offer social commentary on wealth, class, race, gender and identity. Influenced by his undergraduate studies in philosophy and an interest in contemporary anthropology, fashion and social justice, Tayo is a multidisciplinary artist who hopes to make work as impactful and thought-provoking as it is beautiful.  

He has created commercial work for clients like Gucci, Nike Havana Club and more, as well as editorial work for Vogue (US), Dazed Magazine, The New York Times and The Guardian. He has been commissioned to photograph the campaign image for the Ngola Biennalle, and has shown exhibitions at the Lagos Photo Festival, the Corrosia Alamere in the Netherlands, the Palaise De Tokyo in Paris, Victoria and Albert Museum, among others. Tayo has also been nominated for the Dazed 100, the British Fashion Awards and the Future Awards Africa. 


South Hallway


Wheelchair Accessible

235 Queens Quay W

Toronto ON M5J 2G8

Stephen's work will additionally be presented on our Parking Pavilions in Ontario Square.

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