November 8–9, 2019


Lucy Guerin Inc


A choreographed duet of division in a time-strapped world of intensifying pressures.

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Gregory Lorenzutti


Split shifts between two women, reconciled and in conflict, one naked and the other clothed negotiating ever-diminishing dimensions of time and space. This space is constantly narrowing, reflecting the dilemmas of negotiating with oneself and others in an increasingly complex world. Set to a percussive musical score by UK composer Scanner, Split revels in Lucy Guerin’s sharp, elegant choreographic investigations.

Split is a thought-provoking meditation in movement from one of Australia’s most fearless dance companies.

Performance Advisory: Full nudity

Lucy Guerin Inc

Choreographer  |  Lucy Guerin

Performers  |  Melanie Lane & Lilian Steiner

Composer   |  Scanner

Lighting Designer   |  Paul Lim

Sound Designer   |  Robin Fox

Dates & Times

November 8
50 mins

November 9
50 mins


Harbourfront Centre Theatre

231 Queens Quay West
Toronto, Ontario

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