June 21, 2024


Nagata Shachu


Photo by David Ohashi

Event Info At A Glance

Price Overview: $25 - $45

Venue Overview: Fleck Dance Theatre in Queen's Quay Terminal


Nagata Shachu’s 2023-2024 season will come to a dramatic and exciting conclusion with Possibilities on June 21, 2024 when all nine performers of Nagata Shachu take to the stage premiering several new works composed by the group members.

The nine members of Nagata Shachu ensemble are founder Kiyoshi Nagata, and Aki Takahashi, Andrew Siu, Kevin He, Atsushi Kato, Tatsuki Shimoda, Brian Liang, Eriko Murata and Sakura Ariga. 

Based in Toronto, Nagata Shachu has enthralled audiences internationally with its mesmerizing and heart-pounding performances of the Japanese drum (taiko) since its formation in 1998. While rooted in the folk drumming traditions of Japan, the ensemble’s principal aim is to rejuvenate this ancient art form by producing innovative and exciting music that seeks to create a new voice for the taiko.

Dates & Times

June 21
8pm – 10pm


Fleck Dance Theatre in Queen's Quay Terminal

207 Queens Quay West, 3rd Floor
Follow signs and take escalator or elevator

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