July 1, 2023




This trio of Polish ladies bring an interactive music experience to our Stage-in-the-Park featuring upbeat traditional Eastern European music. 


Photo courtesy of the artist


Step into an immersive and interactive music experience as Polky graces our stage. With their lively and captivating performances, they bring the rich tapestry of traditional Eastern European music to life, creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration. Led by these talented women, the group not only entertains but also engages the audience by teaching them the vibrant and energetic dances that accompany the music. Get ready to be enchanted, uplifted, and swept away by this unforgettable cultural journey. 

About Polky

Toronto’s Polky was created by courageous Polish ladies, singer Ewelina Ferenc, dancer Ala Stasiuk, and multi-instrumentalist Marta Solek. Polky, meaning “Polish women,” came together through a shared passion for Eastern European music’s enigmatic and upbeat style. Joined by Canadian musicians, Polky brings its original sound to Eastern European traditional music by adding a uniquely Canadian and multicultural flavour. They take you on a musical journey to Poland, the melting pot of Eastern and Central Europe, with Ukrainian, Jewish, and Slovak musical influences! 

Dates & Times

July 1
3pm – 4pm


Stage in the Park

235 Queens Quay West
Toronto, ON

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