September 2, 2023

Mita Baruah



Discover a unique artist with roots in Assamese folk and Hindustani classical traditions, creating distinctly Canadian songs with charm and polish. 

Mita Baruah

Photo courtesy of the artist


With roots in Assamese folk and Hindustani classical traditions and a love for jazz, pop and blues, musician Mita Baruah creates original music that is happy and upbeat while also reflecting on the themes of lived experiences, her home country and Canada. Backing Baruah are music director, composer and guitar player Jayanta Pathak, Ian D’Souza on bass, Mehboob Thawar on keyboards and Santosh Naidu on tabla, supported by Jeet Das on drums. 

About Mita Baruah

After 22 years in Toronto, hints of jazz, pop and blues seep into Mita Baruah’s music, resulting in originals and covers hugely popular on social media among Assamese and Hindi-speaking audiences worldwide. The language may be unfamiliar, but the universality of her songs is instantly recognizable. Music, as they say, has no language. Her albums and singles are available on all major platforms. 

Dates & Times

September 2
1pm – 2pm


Stage in the Park

235 Queens Quay West
Toronto, ON

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