August 5–6, 2023

Iris Malcom Library

Open Library


Join us for a library experience featuring York regions first Afro-Caribbean centric library for all ages!

Iris Malcom library

Photo courtesy of the artist


Harbourfront Centre is delighted to have the Iris Malcolm Library, the first ever Afro-Caribbean focused library in our Garage Bays during the Island Soul festival weekend! Brought to you by the NACCA (Newmarket African Caribbean Canadian Association), the library will be open to all for two days. Come connect with dedicated library staff and browse the wide array of books focused on Black identities, history, culture, connection and more. The Iris Malcolm library has no age limit, so bring your friends and family, young and old. Pull up a chair and get out of the heat with a good book.

About the Iris Malcom Library

The Iris Malcolm Library opened on October 8, 2022 as the first and only African centered library in York Region. Thanks to everyone in our community who have invested in bringing this incredible resource to the Newmarket and York Region community. The purpose of the library is to: Provide a safe space for readers to explore Black affirming books that educate about Black identities, history, culture and communities, support youth and adult mental health through conversation and connection, build linkages to understanding ourselves and others, combat isolation and empower children to develop self-confidence, resilience and self-love.  

Dates & Times

August 5
12pm – 6pm

August 6
12pm – 6pm


West Hallway

235 Queens Quay West
Toronto, ON

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