July 22, 2023

I See You! You Are Standing In The Doorway.

Dance Theatre


I see you

Photo courtesy of the artist


I truly see you, who has chosen to rise from death to life. 

And you have concealed your tired body, weary from the hardships of time, beneath your clothes. 

Within you, both man and woman are apparent. 

In the pursuit of liberation, liberation from what has been destined for you, 

In the pursuit of understanding and redefining life. 

About Behzad Gholami

A creative Dancer, Choreographer, and an Independent Director. He has been studying human being and understanding their sufferings for many years to be able to perform them on stage or in front of the camera. By watching his work, people approach the dark sections of their minds to get to know their unspoken fears and complexes, and this may cause their blocked energies to be released. 

By focusing on the body as an executive tool to show human suffering and its effects on the body, Behzad tries to share his concerns with his audience. His understanding of human sufferings and being honest in both physical and emotional presentations has resulted in creating performances during which the body recklessly and unpretentiously presents what it is supposed to. 

Behzad has been able to choreograph and perform various performances in theatre halls, museums, galleries, outdoors, and historical places. He has also created film dances. As an instructor, he has held many dance and physical theatre workshops to introduce this kind of performance to people in his community. 

Behzad immigrated to Canada in February 2022 because of the restrictions he was facing to pursue his artistic career in Iran due to dancing being illegal in Iran. He is now living with his wife in Toronto and continues to create and share his artworks with people in his new community.

Dates & Times

July 22
2pm – 3pm


Harbourfront Centre Theatre

231 Queens Quay West
Toronto, Ontario

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