August 26–27, 2023

DIY With Persimmon Dye

Drop-in Workshop


DIY Persimmon Dye Activity

Photo courtesy of the artist


Xinpu, Taiwan is a place dubbed “The Town of Persimmons.” The climate allows the fruit to grow in abundance. Persimmons are harvested during peak growth, then processed and dried to eat year-round. 

Persimmons are a traditional harvest, with many elders working in the persimmon factories. One day, as these senior workers were climbing to their feet after a long day at work, they realized that their hands were leaving behind beautiful stains on the walls! This sparked the idea of using persimmon juice as natural dye. 

Taiwan is a leader in the field of natural dye craft, with artists and researchers creating innovations that combine eco-friendly practices with traditional dyeing techniques. Persimmon dye is one such example: building a local craft community that preserves tradition and using natural resources to make art. 

With a little chemical reaction and limitless creativity, persimmon dye inspires all of us to think about our environment in a refreshing and artistic way. TAIWANfest invites everyone to come and play with your imagination with this unique natural dye!

Dates & Times

August 26
1pm – 2pm

August 27
5pm – 6pm


HarbourKIDS Tent

A temporary structure located on the west campus.


Wheelchair accessible

235 Queens Quay W.

Toronto, ON, M5J 2G8