June 16 – August 20, 2023


Jinming Li



Photo courtesy of the artist


At first glance, the works of Mohammad Tabesh and Jinming Li are quite dissimilar; however, there is a commonality linking them – they both reference the body, albeit in very different ways.  

 Tabesh’s sculptures are evocative of sound – heard and unheard. There is the implication of voices crying aloud and voices silenced. 

 Li’s work references architecture and spaces inhabited by people – most particularly, Brutalist architecture. He juxtaposes body adornment with a decidedly non-decorative form of architecture. 

 The body has been a constant theme or point of departure within craft and design. Tabesh and Li continue to explore this theme through their material investigation and conceptual research. 

– Melanie Egan, Director Craft & Design, Harbourfront Centre

Brutalist: Beyond Reality, Artist Statement

Architecture is the most significant carrier of human civilization; jewellery is also inseparable from humanity as one of the oldest decorative art forms. The body is the site that makes sense of jewellery and the connection to architecture as space for the body. This project explores the essence and close relationship between architecture, jewellery, and the human body through materiality by drawing on Brutalist architecture’s design principle to create wearable jewellery. In contrast to the main body of work, the decayed variations are naturally oxidized in soil after applying different patinas to express the erosion of time through materiality and echos the dramatic, historical image shift of brutalist architecture, which has transformed from a hopeful utopian representation to a totalitarian and dystopian one.

About Jinming Li

Jinming Li is an interdisciplinary artist and jewellery designer based in Toronto. Jinming graduated from OCAD University in 2022, with a degree in Material Art and Design, he is currently a full-time artist in residency at Harbourfront Centre, where he continues to develop his practice in contemporary jewellery. 

Jinming’s artistic journey as an interdisciplinary artist has been boundary-pushing. He has found a unique synergy between visual and material arts, which enables him to bridge the gap between different art forms. Jinming’s deep fascination with materials as a medium of expression stems from his belief that they have the power to convey not only the environment around us but also the inner workings of our minds. 

Through his work, Jinming explores the connection between human body forms, body ornamentation, and the surroundings. He sees jewellery as a close art form to the human body, a carrier of expression, and strives to express intangible inner spirit through measurable materials. He respects the nature of materials and reveals their true beauty in creation. 

With various creative backgrounds, Jinming’s artistic pursuit is dedicated to redefining the meaning and purpose of contemporary jewellery. He aims to break the constraints of traditional jewellery forms and create distinguished artwork that has his own voice and makes a real impact in the current age. 

Dates & Times

June 16
6pm – Public Opening Reception


East Vitrines

A series of display cases located within the Craft & Design corridor


Wheelchair Accessible

235 Queens Quay W

Toronto ON M5J 2G8

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