May 4–5, 2024

Cinco Fest

Celebrate Mexican culture, traditions, music and food at Cinco Fest. 

Two Mexican fighters in celebration of Cinco de Mayo in front of the CN Tower.

Photo courtesy by Cinco Fest.


Celebrate Mexican culture, music and traditions and feast on delicious Mexican favourites at Cinco Fest.

Cinco Fest is a special day that isn’t marked in Mexico itself, but it’s incredibly important for Mexican migrants all over the world. It’s our time to celebrate our culture and remember where we come from. This day is about us, the Mexican migrants, keeping our traditions alive and sharing them with others. It’s a day when we honor our journey and the rich culture that we carry in our hearts, no matter where we are. Cinco Fest is our way of saying that even though we’re far from Mexico, our connection to our roots and our pride in our heritage remains strong. 

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Dates & Times

May 4
12pm – 9pm

May 5
12pm – 8pm


West Lawn

235 Queens Quay West
Toronto, On

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