July 1, 2023

Amai Kuda et Les Bois



Returning to our stage, Amai Kuda et Les Bois takes us on a spiritual journey through soothing acoustic ballads and dancey electronic grooves. 

Amai Kuda

Photo by Samuel Engelking


Prepare for the return of Amai Kuda et Les Bois to our stage as they guide us on a transformative spiritual journey through their captivating blend of soothing acoustic ballads and infectious dancey electronic grooves. Their unique genre, Afro Soul music, brings a fresh and exciting sound to our lineup, captivating both devoted followers and new listeners alike. With their music’s irresistible rhythm and easy-to-vibe-with nature, be prepared to find yourself effortlessly dancing along and getting lost in the uplifting energy of their performance. 

About Amai Kuda et Les Bois

Amai Kuda et Les Bois don’t fit into the usual boxes. Breaking boundaries is part of their superpower. Not a band or a solo act, they prefer to call themselves ‘a movement.’ Led by Amai Kuda, their shows and albums always begin with the pouring of libations and the invocation of ancestors. This spiritual element weaves its way throughout all their music, whether that be soothing acoustic ballads, dancy electronic grooves, or politically charged altrock-hiphop tracks. Ecouché, for example, the “stunning new single” (Indie88) off the latest album EmUrgency! is sung entirely in a language of ancestral communication and can’t be delivered the same way twice. It embodies what NOW magazine has called the group’s “tantalizing Afro-soul” fusion sound, “earthy and rootsy and good for your ears” (Errol Nazareth CBC in reference to AfroSoul Volume II: MaZai). Indeed, it is the genre-defying nature of their work which led their debut album, Sand from the Sea, to be named “one of the year’s most exciting discoveries” (Nicholas Jennings – Canada’s foremost music journalist). With the recent release of their fifth album, ‘EmUrgency!’ Amai Kuda et Les Bois has continued to gain traction around the globe. Rolling Stone India recently featured ‘Love Song’ in their ‘what we’re listening to today article’. For Amai Kuda et Les Bois, music is about healing – ourselves, our society, and the earth, and that can’t happen unless we listen to the voices that have for too long been ignored.  

Dates & Times

July 1
5pm – Performance


Stage in the Park

235 Queens Quay West
Toronto, ON

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