August 26, 2023

A Round Of Applause! 



A Round of Applause

Photo courtesy of the artist


Being able to sing and express one’s culture in a comfortable social environment is the most joyful thing! At the same time, language is an important carrier of culture, reflecting the values, customs, and traditions of society. Taiwan and Canada have both attracted immigrants from various countries, creating opportunities for multiculturalism. However, in the socio-political, economic and cultural areas, minority languages may be neglected.  

Taiwanese songs use Taiwanese Hokkien as the main singing language. It uses unique phonetics, vocabulary, and grammatical structures. It expresses feelings in a direct and sincere manner, evoking strong emotional resonance. However, the status of Taiwanese Hokkien has gradually decreased within Taiwan, and is less often heard in urban cities.  

The Toronto Branch of the Global Federation of Chinese Business Women is dedicated to revitalizing the transmission of Taiwanese culture through the performance of Taiwanese songs. They also encourage people who use Taiwanese Hokkien to maintain a sense of pride. In addition, President Candy Lin has been particularly influenced by Taiwanese singer Chan Ya-Wen, dedicating herself not only to the preservation of Taiwanese culture but also actively contributing to local communities in Toronto. This allows the Taiwanese community to establish closer interpersonal relationships, increase social collaboration and connectivity, and create a more harmonious and inclusive social environment through singing and understanding their own language. 

About Global Federation of Chinese Business Women

The purpose of the Global Federation of Chinese Business Women is to unite Chinese businesswomen around the world, with a global perspective, to build consensus, contribute their talents, and care for every corner on earth. The association actively establishes a platform for interpersonal networking, keeping up with changes, engaging in experience sharing, and sharing resources. In response to the rapid changes in the world, the association takes initiative to seek new knowledge, cultivate leadership and management skills among Chinese businesswomen, enhance their global economic competitiveness, and promote the protection of the rights and interests of Chinese businesswomen in various countries. At the same time, it also assists in promoting public diplomacy, enhancing international cultural and business exchanges, and actively developing international economic and trade cooperation. 

Dates & Times

August 26
4:30pm – 5:30pm


Stage in the Park

A performance stage on our West Lawn

Outdoors; No formal seating

Wheelchair Accessible

235 Queens Quay W.

Toronto, ON, M5J 2G8