A kid in their sailboat on the water


This camp is intended to familiarize younger campers with safety and sailing. Under the guidance of our experienced Sail Canada instructors, campers will work toward developing a solid foundation of skills in the first step within the Sail Canada accreditation system. Participants will gain enough confidence to sail and paddle their way around the protected […]

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Kids in lifejackets on a dock

Junior Seadogs

Calling all aspiring sailors! Junior Seadogs is a program for our youngest sailors. This camp introduces campers to the captivating world of on-water adventure and engages them in on-land programs such as arts, crafts and active games. The on-water portion of the day will introduce campers to a series of lessons based on the Sail […]

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kids on a sailboat in the lake off Toronto

CANSail 1 (Waitlist Open)

Taught by our experienced Sail Canada instructors, this two-week course will have campers navigating Toronto’s Inner Harbour in comfortable, easy-to-sail dinghies while learning about water and boat safety, boat control, knots, rigging, capsizing and other topics relevant to developing young sailors. Based on Sail Canada curriculum, campers work towards earning an internationally recognized CANSail 1 […]

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cansail 2

CANSail 2

After your young sailor has successfully passed their CANSail 1 certification, CANSail 2 is the natural next step in their skill development. Based on Sail Canada curriculum, campers will work towards earning an internationally recognized CANSail 2 certificate by demonstrating skills learned in the program. Most of our time is spent on the water, weather […]

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Kid moving their sailboat into the water

iCAN Catch-Up

Any CANSail participants who have not successfully completed their certification will have the opportunity to come join us for an additional week of instruction. During this catch-up week, sailors will be coached by experienced and certified Sail Canada instructors who are eager to provide every child with an equal opportunity to attempt successful completion of […]

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Bunch of kids getting ready to launch a big sailboat

Senior Seafarers

Calling all sailing fanatics! Senior Seafarers is a camp that introduces and fosters sailing skills and spirit. This keelboat camp will be based on aspects of Sail Canada’s Basic Cruising syllabus. Campers will be working towards achieving their Crew Status, the first step in completing Sail Canada’s Basic Cruising level. Senior Seafarers travel in and […]

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cansail 3&4

CANSail 3 or 4

Taught by experienced and certified Sail Canada instructors, this comprehensive four-week course builds on the fundamental skills established in the CANSail 1 and 2 programs both on and off the water. This program is taught to Sail Canada’s CANSail 3 and 4 training standards and focuses on advanced sail theory and sailing skills. Participants will […]

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