Kayak, Canoe & Kayak

Ages 10–15

Session 1A, July 4–8, $425

Session 1B, July 11–15, $425

Session 2A, July 18–22, $425

Session 2B, July 25–29, $425

Session 3A, August 2–5, $350

Session 3B, August 8–12, $425

Session 4A, August 15–19, $425

Session 4B, August 22–26, $425

Session 5A, August 29 – September 2, $425


Campers, grouped by age, learn the exciting sport of kayaking through expert instruction in paddling techniques, equipment function, boat rescues and water safety. This sleek, stable watercraft is a perfect vehicle for expeditions through Toronto’s inner harbour and our Toronto Islands. Campers also learn water safety, environmental awareness and weather prediction through various outdoor activities and group games.  

Canoe and Kayak Camps occur in Toronto’s inner harbour and around our Toronto Islands. Weather permitting, every marine camp will spend most of its time on the water or Toronto Islands. Please take the opportunity to explore a unique setting under the guidance of our well-trained and experienced instructors.

Please Note: All campers in our marine programs are provided with a Personal Floatation Device (PFD) while at camp and that the proper use of the PFD is strictly enforced. Participants are welcome to use their own Canada-approved PFDs should they have them.

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