Urban Studies: Government Studies

How are our lives impacted by the structure and history of our governmental system?

Program Description

In this workshop, students begin their day at City Hall, meet with a judge during recess at Old City Hall and trace the roots of the government system on a fascinating walk-through downtown Toronto.  

Students will learn about the levels of government, democratic decision-making, and the responsibilities of informed citizens. 

Please note this program runs subject to availability at the Old City Hall Courthouse. 

Program Objectives

By the end of the Urban Studies: Government Studies program, students will:

  • Describe the different levels and functions of the Canadian government.
  • Identify and describe the significance of a variety of buildings, locations and people to the Canadian government.
  • Demonstrate how the government impacts our daily lives.
  • Support Material

    To enhance your pre and post-visit learning, please download the package for this program.

    Travel Information

    Drop off: City Hall (Queen/Bay) 
    Pick up: St Lawrence Market (Front/Jarvis) 

    Booking Details

    Grades 5–12 (Full Day)

    Available all year

    Regular rate applies

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    Offsite Program, Urban Studies