Urban Studies: Government Studies

How are our lives impacted by the structure and history of our governmental system?

Program Description

In this workshop, students begin their day at City Hall, meet with a judge during recess and trace the roots of the government system on a fascinating walk-through downtown Toronto.  

Students will learn about the levels of government, democratic decision-making, and the responsibilities of informed citizens. 

Please note this program runs subject to availability in the courthouse. Our regular response times on registration submissions may be impacted as we have been advised by our partner at the courthouse that overwhelming demand is leading to a backlog of registration requests. 

Program Objectives

By the end of the Urban Studies: Government Studies program, students will:

  • Describe the different levels and functions of the Canadian government.
  • Identify and describe the significance of various buildings, locations and people in the Canadian government.
  • Demonstrate how the government impacts our daily lives.

Support Material

To enhance your pre and post-visit learning, please download the package for this program.

Travel Information

Drop off: City Hall (Queen/Bay)
Pick up: St Lawrence Market (Front/Jarvis)

Booking Details

Grades 5–12 (Full Day)

Available all year

Regular rate applies

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Offsite Program, Urban Studies