Mixed Media: Urban Art – A Call to Action!

How can you use urban art to inspire positive social change?

Program Description

Call to Action! This workshop encourages students to express their passion for injustice or something they believe needs to change. Students will be presented with a brief history of urban art and draw inspiration from the work of contemporary urban artists.  

Through the design of a stencil, students will use their problem-solving skills to make a simple yet powerful image with positive and negative shapes that expresses a need for social change!

Program Objectives

By the end of the Mixed Media: Urban Art – A Call to Action! program, students will:

  • Debate the merits of urban art while understanding the historical and social conditions that led to its evolution.
  • Explore graffiti stencil techniques as a tool for communication.
  • Produce a stencil to express their message for social change.

Support Material

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Grades 7–12 (Full Day)

Available all year

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Program Categories

Onsite Program, Visual Arts & Contemporary Craft

Two students proudly show us their artowrk