Creative Edge: JUNIOR

How can the experience of being an audience member at a performance inspire multiple forms of creative expression?

Program Description

JUNIOR returns to School Visits at Harbourfront Centre! Our exciting productions invite students to reimagine the world they live in and their place in it. Exploring belonging, transformation and personal expression, JUNIOR will be your class’s favourite trip of the year! 

Full day and half-day programs with Creative Response Workshops available. 

Check back in January for specific updates on performances and workshops.

Subsidies are available upon request. 

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Program Objectives

By the end of the Creative Edge: JUNIOR program, students will:

  • Attend a performance designed for young audiences, gaining an understanding of the role of audience member, performer and theatre staff.
  • Participate in a post-show question and answer session.
  • If Creative Response is booked, engage with an artistic response that explores the themes or techniques from the performance.
  • Booking Details

    Grades K–12 (Half-Day)

    May 24–26, 2023

    Special Rate: To Be Confirmed

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    Curriculum Connections

    Program Categories

    Creative Edge, Performing Arts

    Children watching a performance in a theatre