August 6, 2022

Songs of My Mother


Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, South Africa, South Sudan

djely tapa

Djely Tapa, Photo courtesy of the artist


Four electrifying vocalists with roots on the African continent will honour the role of women and mothers in carrying on musical traditions. Lorraine Klaasen, Djely Tapa, Mis Blandine and Ruth Mathiang share their talents in a musical diversity and excellence showcase, supported by accomplished musicians from Toronto and Montreal. 

About Songs From My Mother

Batuki Music Society has curated the group Songs of My Mother to highlight these female artists’ musical diversity and rich talents. Their goal is to inspire mothers, aunts, grandmothers, daughters and sisters to stand together and celebrate themselves as significant contributors to the arts and community. Songs of My Mother features JUNO Award winner Lorraine Klaasen, the daughter of the renowned jazz singer Thandie Klaasen and one of the few South African artists who has preserved the classic sound of township music. JUNO Award winner Djely Tapa is a descendant from a long line of griots and blessed with the voice of her mother Kandia Kouyate, a legendary Manding singer from Kayes, Mali. Mis Blandine is a singer and songwriter from the Democratic Republic of Congo, with music that encompasses sounds from her roots with Afrobeats, R&B, jazz and pop. Born in South Sudan, Ruth Mathiang uses her voice to advocate for critical social issues. Her sound is a fusion of traditional African music with hip hop, Afrobeats and reggae. 

Dates & Times

August 6
9:45pm – 11pm


Concert Stage

235 Queens Quay W.
Toronto, ON, M5J 2G8

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