August 28, 2022




Henry Ho, Koven Wei, Jen Moon

Henry Ho

Henry Ho, Photo courtesy of the artist


biosphere will be DJing for Jen Moon and Koven Wei, including a piano ballad duet with Jen Moon and Nujabes live cover performance with Koven Wei. A set list of Koven’s hit singles in the Rap/Korean Hip-Hop genre and new unreleased singles fusing punk and rock with hip-hop undertones. 

About biosphere

biosphere (Henry Ho) is a Taiwanese Canadian composer and producer in Toronto. He initially experimented with the lo-fi/hip hop sound but has recently ventured into R&B, soul and orchestral styles. Classically trained in piano and a saxophone player from a young age, he gradually became inspired to compose his own music. His music is strongly influenced by his classical roots and his many years playing in a jazz environment.   

biosphere has released two full-length instrumental albums, Rekindle the Past (2018) and Snapshot (2019), along with multiple beat tapes since 2017. He also released an orchestral EP called Tales of the Flowers in 2020. biosphere has also been commissioned by The Bentway Conservancy and the Waterfront BIA and has a soundtrack featured on a short film published through Reel Asian International Film Festival.  

strangers,” his most notable single featuring Korean singer CIKI and two Texas-based rappers (love-sadKID and Chris Wright), charted internationally in Korea and currently has over 23 million streams on Spotify. To date, biosphere has over 100 million streams combined across DSPs. 

About Koven Wei

For Koven, music has been the most consistent and intimate way to unpack his innermost thoughts, describe his authentic self and share it with the world. Koven is an open book through his music, sharing a down-to-earth account of lived experiences and exploring the creative mind’s sensitive emotions and struggles. To him, there is no time for inauthenticity. He wants to be raw and honest and to share directly from the heart.   

Koven specializes in Korean hip-hop and lo-fi. However, he continues to branch out into other genres, including rock, punk and hyper-pop, all while keeping his hip-hop roots. Koven’s sound is radical and often creates a “tug and pull” effect between his vocals and the beat. He sings and raps over beats that typically carry themselves but are leveled up by his creativity. He pushes the boundaries of what we know as hip-hop and fuses Asian influences with a grungy, westernized approach. 

About Jen Moon

Based in Toronto, Jen Moon is a 21-year-old artist and storyteller who isn’t shy when expressing complex emotions and experiences through her music. Originally posting covers on YouTube and Instagram, Moon went on to write her debut album MOONOLOGY with producer Drew Lee. Moon’s lyrics speak her truth while touching on the perspectives of others.  

Although MOONOLOGY will resonate with R&B enthusiasts, she likes to explore different sounds through her upbeat tracks like her single “136” and “Room For Two,” which she collaborated on with artist xiv. Moon proves her versatility as an artist through her releases, which captivate and inspire listeners. 

Dates & Times

August 28
45 mins

More Info

Some mature language


Stage in the Park

235 Queens Quay West
Toronto, ON

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