iCANCatch-Up, Sailing

Ages 9–15

Session 5A, August 29 – September 2, $435


Any CANSail participants who have not completed their certification have the opportunity to come join us for an additional week of instruction. During this catch-up week, sailors will be coached by experienced and certified Sail Canada Instructors who are eager to provide every child with an equal opportunity to attempt successful completion of their CANSail level. This program is developed based on the individual needs of each participant and is tailored by our development progress monitoring report through Sail Canada’s evaluation tracking system. It should be noted that participants’ involvement does not guarantee certification if they do not meet Sail Canada standards. Regardless, participants who show they have a passion and initiative for sailing will benefit from this additional week. Most of our time is spent on the water, weather permitting. 

Prerequisites: Sailors must have participated in a CANSail program and have an active CANSail profile. 

Certificate: Successful candidates will receive a recognized CANSail certification. 

Please note: Campers will be grouped into Junior and Senior categories on the first day of camp. 

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Please note that all participants in our marine programs are provided with a Personal Floatation Device (PFD) while participating in the program and that the proper use of the PFD is strictly enforced. Participants are welcome to use their own Canada-approved PFDs should they have them.

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